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We print and supply a huge variety of these books as either carbonless sets or leaves of bond / boards which can then be bound into books, pads or ticket style. They are available in single colour, full colour or special pantone colours. Our equipment is enabled to number and perforate documents in-line during the print process, thus saving you money. Printing and numbering of multi sectional tickets is also available with our variable data options for that specialised ticketing requirement.

Carbonless papers / boards are available from 60gsm to 170gsm and in various tinted colours. Also available is the complete range of bond papers and system boards from 70gsm to 300+gsm.

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However simple or complex, we have the smarts to provide the perfect finished product.

Raffle Ticket Standing Up IMG_1391.png

Stapling - from a standard ticket (raffle), numbered and perforated and then stapled through the stub with a strawboard backing.   

Quarter binding - for clients in need of a more robust book which is visually appealing and bound in such a manner that staples are hidden and spines are created for easy fold back of covers.

Padding - can be as simple as a glued edge forming a pad with a strawboard backing

Steel Line NCR book2.png

A 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 or even 6 part carbonless book - which is stapled on any side with cover boards, strawboard backing including glued guards / writing plates.

Complex multi part - staggered sets which are individually fanapart glued and stapled through a bottom sheet extension. Together with board covers and strawboard backs and a guard / writing plate.

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